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As a leader:

“City Of Asylum” (2013, Clean Feed)
“Parallax” (2012, Clean Feed)
“Laughter’s Necklace Of Tears” (2008, 11:11 Records)
“Tales Of The Stuttering Mime” (2004, 11:11 Records)

“Fannon” (2013, RogueArt)
“The End Of Fear” (2010, Posi-Tone)
“TarBaby” (2007, Imani Records)

Branford Marsalis
“Requiem” (1999, Sony Records)
“Contemporary Jazz” (2000, Sony Records)
“Footsteps Of Our Father’s” (2002, Sony Records)
“Romare Bearden Revisited” (2003, Marsalis Music)
“Eternal” (2004, Marsalis Music)
“Braggtown” (2006, Marsalis Music)
“Metamorphosen” (2009, Marsalis Music)
“Four MF’s Playin Tunes” (2012, Marsalis Music)

Buckshot Lefonque:
“Music Evolution” (1997, Sony)

Kurt Rosenwinkel:
“Star Of Jupiter” (2012, Wommusic)

Steve Coleman and Five Elements:
“Weaving Symbolics” (2006, Label Bleu)

Delfeayo Marsalis:
“Minion’s Dominion” (2006, Troubador Jass)

The Marsalis Family:
“Music Redeems” (2010, Marsalis Music)

Orrin Evans:
“Blessed Ones” (2001, Criss Cross)
“Meant To Shine” (2002, Palmetto)
“Easy Now” (2005, Criss Cross)

JD Allen:
“In Search Of JD Allen” (1999, Red Records)
“Pharaoh’s Children” (2003, Criss Cross)

Jeff “Tain” Watts:
“Citizen Tain” (1999….Columbia)
“Bar Talk” (2002, Sony)
“Detained” (2004, Half Note)

Ralph Peterson:
“The Art Of War” (2001, Criss Cross)
“Subliminal Seduction” (2002, Criss Cross)
“Tests Of Time” (2003, Criss Cross)

Russell Gunn:
“Gunn Fu” (1997….High Note)
“Love Requiem” (1999, High Note)
“Smokin’ Gunn” (2000, High Note)
“Blues On The DL” (2002, High Note)

Sherman Irby:
“Full Circle” (1997, Blue Note)

Fabio Morgera:
“Slick” (1999, Red Records)
“Colors” (2002, Red Records)

David Kikoski:
“Mostly Standards” (2009, Criss Cross)

Winard Harper:
“Winard” (1996, Criss Cross)
“Trap Dancer” (1998, Criss Cross)

Avram Fefer:
“Calling All Spirits” (2001, Cadence)
“Ritual” (2009, Clean Feed)
“Eliyahu” (2011, NotTwo)

Michael Marcus:
“The Magic Door” (2007, NotTwo)

David Budway:
“A New Kiss” (2011, MaxJazz)

Joe Locke:
“Storytelling” (2001, Sirocco Jazz)

James Hurt:
“Dark Grooves And Mystical Rhythms” (1999, Blue Note)

Raul Midon:
“State Of Mind” (2005, EMI-Manhattan)

Frank McComb:
“Love Stories” (2000, Sony)

Troy Miller:
“40 Days” (2006, Teya)

Abdou Mboup & Waakaw: (2001, AMB)

Kerem Gorsev:
“I Love May”
“For Murat”

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