The miraculous date that brought Review, Davis and Cyrille was thus described by the pianist: “Eric asked me if I would be interested in playing with Andrew; then, the album was a result of us coming together for the first time”.  The testimony, sedutoramente entertaining, taken by Ethan Iverson – leader in Bad Plus, blogger at “Do The Math” and author of presentation notes -, conceals both the commitment and the discipline behind the session regarding the casulosas virtues of recording studios. AND refers vaguely to state of readiness as a survival strategy for life in a metropolis. WHICH brings us back to this title that alludes to the International Network of Cities of Refuge – NGOs, derived from the International Parliament of Writers that Rushdie, Banks and Soyinka founded in 1994, consecrated under writers persecuted. In september 2012, a trio with Orrin Evans and Nasheet Waits, Review contacted with this reality to participate in “Jazz Poetry Concert” of the association City of Asylum/Pittsburgh, headquartered in Pennsylvania. It is therefore appropriate that evokes here a prayer – ‘Islands’, originally a duet with Charlie Haden, in 1975 included in “Death and the Flower” – a pianist that State, ai educated by the devotees of the Church of Christ, Scientist, that goes by the name of Keith Jarrett. Moreover, in a certain way, “City of Asylum” celebrates the spirituality of cams, a version of ‘Gallop’s Gallop’, of a Monk under the protection of Single Koenigswarter – Koenigswarter, a theme dedicated to the ex-slave Bill Traylor, kind of Matisse without the Stein family who painted, octogenarian and unwelcoming, the streets of Montgomery in the years 40, or a lauda to Harry Partch, the more misaligned of composers north Americans. What emerges is at the same time tender, revoluto, martyred (Cita are Cyrus), redeemed and frankly memorable.

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